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  • 2/5/2014


    Membership Information

    WIOA membership dues are $35 per year.  In addition to supporting educational and social programs for the membership the Association awards 2 or 3 scholarships to high school athletics from schools in the surrounding area.  The membership year begins on June 1, corresponding closely to the IHSAA school year.


    Join the WIOA


    1.  Log into your account at
    2.  In the menu at the top, click on 'Officials'
    3.  Select 'Licensing & Registration'
    4.  Read the "NOTICE OF DATA USE" if you desire, then click on 'Next'
    5.  The "General" screen displays your basic information.
    6.  Enter your Email address in the "VERIFY EMAIL" box, then click on 'Next'
    7.  On the "Demographics" screen, click on the "I agree to abide by IHSAA   Policies"    box, then click on 'Next'
    8.  Click on "Background Check" in the menu line of the "License Registration   And  Renewal" screen
    9.  On the "Background Security Check" screen click on the 'Check here for   authorization of background check' box, then click on 'Next'
    10. Click on "Associations" in the menu line of the "License Registration And   Renewal" screen
    11. In the "Join an association:" box scroll down to select 'Western'
    12. Click on '+ADD', then click on 'Next'
    13. A notice "Finalize Registration" will appear
    14. Click on 'OK' to add this Association selection to your shopping cart
    15. Finalize the process by Checking out.


    If you have any questions email the WIOA

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